Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pages from my Greece journal

I haven't posted in a while but that doesn't mean I haven't been painting, just couldn't take time out to post or maybe I've been lazy. It's been quite a busy month, there were a lot of fun moments and there had been some miss-happenings too. Oh, and the imaginary trip is still on too, after Ireland it's Greece now! This time it's quite a large group and the phrase "the more the merrier" couldn't have been proved better! we are having so much fun here. Here are two pages from my Greece journal.

                                                        Water color on paper


  1. I love this seascape.Very nice.

    1. Thanks Arti! Hearing it from someone who's work I admire is quite a compliment! I love your charcoal and pencil sketches.

  2. the marina painiting is surreal.. almost makes me wish i was in the painting :)